I Want to Retire and Enjoy Life

Many people spend much of their working lives looking forward to their retirement. They plot and plan and think about what they will do, and perhaps where they will live, when they retire.

They might imagine an idealised view of a long and happy retirement, doing all the things that they wanted to do but never had the time because they were simply working in order to live.

While this dream comes true for a number of people, others may not be quite so fortunate.

Unless they have planned and considered their options properly, they may simply finish work and then spend the next six months wondering what to do with their newly found time.

You see, quite apart from the money that it brings, work provides a structure to our day. We may not always like what we are doing and may find it dull or a drudgery, it is still the place we go to maybe every day and see work friends to chat to and experience our lives with.

When that interaction is suddenly gone it can sometimes put a big hole in our lives, both socially and financially. Once you have left your place of work, life there moves on without you and, as time progresses, you become more and more detached from the day to day experiences of your former work colleagues and find over time that you have less and less in common as you no longer have shared experiences to discuss.

You may have experienced this for yourself already in life when changing roles. It’s never really the same when you go back to see your old work colleagues. Things have moved on – and perhaps you need to move on too.

Far better then, to consider what sort of retirement you really want to experience and go to work on a plan to deliver precisely that.

This could mean financially, socially, in fact, in a whole number of different ways. And you don’t have to give up work completely if you don’t want to anymore. How about going part-time (or some other flexible working alternative) and getting used to retirement over a period of say, three to six months (or longer!).

We call this a ‘glide-path’ rather than a ‘cliff edge’ transition and it is just one of a number of ways in which the change from working to retirement can be successfully managed.

We have a great range of useful advice to help you if you want to plan your retirement.

Using our guidance, you will learn:

  • Why careful planning is critical to your success
  • Precisely what you need to do to manage the transition well
  • How you should use networking to your advantage
  • When the time could be right to take your next step
  • Who can help you on your journey
  • How not to become isolated when you leave your role

…and much, much more!

Don’t battle through not knowing which way to turn or where to go for help and advice.

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