How Do I Figure Out What to Do Next?

Life can be a tricky thing with its twists and turns and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what to do next.

There are a range of situations where the way ahead isn’t clear and you may find yourself thinking more and more about the issue until you get to a stage where you are pretty much paralysed with fear and anxiety and end up taking no action at all as a result.

We have found that, in these situations, it can help if you have someone to turn to for advice and guidance. Preferably someone who is independent from the situation and won’t come with the ‘emotional baggage’ that friends and family can sometimes bring.

Is this something you could use right now?

We use a range of techniques to help you figure out what it is you want to do next to unearth those deep-seated thoughts and try and get them to the surface. We help you consider the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ (i.e. the ‘for’ and ‘against’) of the situation you are facing, so that you can come to a reasoned decision with as much of the emotion removed from the situation as possible.

Removing all emotion from decision-making probably isn’t possible; we are all emotional beings after all! And some emotion can be a good thing as anybody who uses their intuition regularly will tell you. But too much emotion can cause stress and anxiety and, if left unchecked, may lead to either physical or mental illness (or both).

By using some great tools and techniques, we can help you ‘turn the emotional volume down’ to an extent so that you can then see ‘the wood for the trees’ and have sufficient time and space to figure out what it is you want to do next in a calmer and more rational way.

We have been where you are and know what it feels like to ‘be stuck’ in a situation and not know the best way to go. In our experience, most situations can be resolved with a clear head and having a carefully thought through plan which leads to decisive action.

Sometimes the best course of action might be to do nothing at all and let the situation resolve itself, although there could be risks involved in whatever way you turn.

Whatever dilemma you are facing, we can help you in a number of ways.

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