What are the Different Selection Processes?

In days gone by, the process for getting a job was likely to be a lot easier than it is now. You would see or be told about a job advert, you would maybe apply in writing and then go along for an interview and you would then find out pretty much straight away, whether you had got the job or not.
These days it seems very much harder. Although developments in technology have given us a much greater awareness of jobs that are ‘out there’ the process candidates need to go through these days to get those jobs have become much more varied. It’s not untypical to encounter something like this.
You see a job advertised on a jobs website and you respond by submitting your CV and filling in their online form, whichever is required. If they like what they see, you might then be invited to take some online tests. These could be about logical thinking, numeracy, reasoning, psychological tests, almost anything really, depending on the nature of the job applied for.
If you get through this stage you could then get invited to an off-line test. This might take the form of an in-tray exercise, for example, where you are given three or four documents or pieces of correspondence and invited to deal with them as though they were real.
If you get through that stage, you could then end up at an assessment centre, have to get involved in group discussions or even team-building exercises to see how you perform.
And all this is before you even get the sniff of an interview!
It’s not surprising then that many candidates are bewildered by the range of selection processes available these days and, although they try their best, do not know what it takes to pass each individual stage.
But don’t be downhearted. All of these different assessment and selection processes can be trained and practised for. You simply need to figure out what the assessor or recruiter is looking for in their ideal candidate and then get to work to deliver whatever that is.
Using our guidance, you will learn:
• How recruiters put together each selection process
• Why assessment processes are different for different roles
• The different types of selection processes you might face
• How to adapt your performance to score high
• Who can help you on your journey
…and much, much more!
Don’t battle through not knowing which way to turn or where to go for help and advice.

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