What Do I Need To Know About Application Forms?

Although many employers look for a CV as the first stage of the recruitment process, a number will invite interested applicants to complete an application form. Usually, the application form is completed and submitted online. More often than not, employers that use application forms in their selection process are likely to be in the public rather than the private sector.

The benefits of using an application form are that the employer can ask questions of the applicant rather than have to scan through a CV trying to find information relevant to the advertised role. These might be something like “Please provide an example of when you have worked with a team to deliver a result”. You would then provide your answer to that question demonstrating your skills and experience, often in a space on the form which limits the amount of words that you can use.

The reason that employers use application forms as a means of recording interest in and applications for jobs is that it helps the prospective employer to more tightly control the information that it receives and allows it to score the written information (‘evidence’) provided.

In turn, scoring the information submitted in response to each question -usually using a scoring system similar to 1 ‘not at the required standard’ up to 5 ‘exceptional’- also allows them to protect themselves against allegations of unfairness within the selection process.

This is because the evidence is read, graded and the scores totalled. Those above a certain score get invited to the next stage of the recruitment process, those below the mark progress no further.

As with much of the recruitment process, there are a variety of tips and techniques that, if learnt and practised, will allow you to progress much further in the selection process than most people and will more frequently result in a job offer for the desired role.

Using our guidance, you will learn:

  • What sort of examples to consider using
  • How to ‘package’ your answers to best effect
  • How to understand what the recruiter is looking for
  • Who can help you on your journey
  • Precisely what you need to do to be outstandingly successful

…and much, much more!

Don’t battle through not knowing which way to turn or where to go for help and advice.

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